Do I have to crop my own image?

We will do the cropping attach your picture to your order.


How do I know my photo is good?

Better photo = better socks! Here are some tips :)

  • Get the entire face of the pet/person (including the ears!) in the picture
  • Good consistent lighting on the face (outside shots with natural light are ideal, especially for darker pets!)
  • Nothing obstructing the view of the face (ex: pillow, tree branch, grass, etc)
  • Good resolution (standard digital camera/smartphone – doesn’t have to be taken by a professional photographer)
  • Try to avoid using a photo that has an intense yellow/orange tint shining on the face from lamps/bulbs
  • Straight on shots of the person/pet tend to look best on the socks
  • Avoid taking a photo of a physical photo

Can I get more than 1 face on a pair of socks?

Yes, you can add one photo when you order, if you want additional faces on the socks, please use the additional photo link to add more photos. 


How long does it take to get my socks?

Production take 3-5 days. Turnaround times will increase to 7-10 during holidays. Turnaround times maybe a little longer for a large order. 

Shipping Times


  • 3-5 days for shipping

Washing Instructions

Your socks should hold up after many many wears/washes, but to ensure they stay in tip-top shape, we recommend washing them in cold water and low heat in the dryer. Thanks

Large/Bulk Orders

Please send us a request on our Contact Us page for Bulk or Large orders



We do not accept returns or exchanges on custom products. Mistakes do happen if for some reason your order is not correct please contact us on our contact us page or online chat and we will be happy to fix your order in a timely manner.